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Make your website a powerful sales tool Easy to follow step-by-step guide Capture and convert more customers Name I have read your privacy policy and am happy for you contact me I have read yhe privacy policy and am happy for you contact me Send it to me. They were someone to speak too.

A lot of agencies take our students for placements. Is it the same now? While being trained and supervised, these students provide social support to families living in the South of Birmingham. After completing our persona workshop with the directors of SWEET, it was clear that the website needed to cater to four different stakeholder groups.

What did you enjoy most about your time at Birmingham? When other support services were withdrawing from the area in they knew the time was ripe to start the SWEET project.

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Students get to change their perception and some tell us they never thought they wanted to work with mental health service users but their placement has changed their minds. Jayne set up the project in direct response to Birmingham City Milf fwb needed reorganisation of Family Support services, the project is motivated by the belief that support for the whole family is frequently the answer to problems and that with the right help and committed support, children and families can be supported to reach their full potential.

We talk about social workers skills such as active listening and communication and here they have to do it. We believe that support for the whole family is frequently the answer to problems. Jayne Cresswell Director web de. Ready projecy transform your business?

What is the best thing about what you are doing now?

All of hhe had different pain points that needed to be addressed. The support offered is essential, often provided where other agencies do not offer any or where their support has ended. The SWEET Project has two aims: To find a workable means of meeting the needs of families and adults To improve the quality of placement learning opportunities for student social workers.

I was part of the Selly Oak colleges, by the Orchid Bbw latina seeks nsa fwb, and towards the end of my course it got taken on by the University of Birmingham, but what was really nice was that we were still a really small course of around 30 people so you got to know everyone really well.

The SWEET project has now also started a consultancy service for social start-ups — offering their expertise to aspiring social entrepreneurs. The SWEET Project receives a daily placement fee for each student, which funds the salaries of the staff and any overhe. We are a social enterprise not-for-profit venture, formed in March One of our key aims is to ensure that families and adults in the greatest need receive a specific level of support to help them overcome their difficulties.

What is the best thing about what you are doing now? The social work course itself is very good tthe equips students to deal with real day to day social work tasks — the anti-discrimination and anti-oppressive practices taught ensure students come equipped for their time at SWEET with those values. Peer Review Program Best Improvement Prize The aim of this initiative thee to identify where centers have achieved ificant quality improvements and made progress in the delivery of services.

Today, students ptoject 31 Universities all over the country do their work placements at SWEET to become qualified social workers. But would it be possible to combine the two?

How do the placements the Sweet Project offer benefit our next generation of social workers? All social services are provided free of charge. We produced a visually engaging responsive de that easily allowed stakeholders to navigate to content tailored to them. We have a real open and honest relationship with fhe social work department and positive relationships with students themselves.

Jayne Hulbert and Jayne Creswell had always liked the idea of a student social work training unit. The first group of students, coming from the University of Birmingham, reported back to their placement supervisors pronect their exceptional learning experience. The SWEET Project is a Birmingham based learning and training organisation for student social workers at the University of Birmingham and a family support and child protection organisation.

Jayne hulbert, dipsw

Through us and our links with substance misuse agencies sweef get the chance to go out with a mother and child worker and get to understand where agency work fits within social work. We all truly enjoyed our time spent with you and your colleagues.

The SWEET Project is a Birmingham based learning and training organisation for student social workers at the University of Birmingham and a family support. Schedule call Get More Le From Your Website If your Encounters dating in taking your website to the next level, making it a powerful marketing and business generation tool, then our free point checklist is for you. We work with children, families and vulnerable adults to provide protection, safeguarding, empowerment, problem-solving skills and support.

How to become a member New members are always welcome, please click the button below to get more information.

The SWEET Project is a social enterprise not-for-profit venture that works with children, families and vulnerable adults to provide protection, safeguarding and. [email protected] SWEET group: How to become a member Over the past years, SWEET has published several articles in peer reviewed international​. Related links.

The flexibility. We are committed to building strong relationships with families and adults.

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Since the rede, website traffic has increased and the website video content was consumed over projrct in the first four weeks of its launch. They have succeeded in securing a contract with the Birmingham City Council to deliver part of its social services for children and families.

It was very insular but in a good way. Jayne Hulbert has been a long time social worker in the South of Birmingham and Jayne Creswell is a senior family support worker. They now have a platform which tells their story sharing the message of the great work they are doing in the city.

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Filming at times was a bit scary but a good laugh also. Make your website work harder and double your le.

What advice would you give to students wanting to be a social worker? With the right help, committed support and conviction even the most at-risk children can be Watrous to identify and reach their individual aspirations.

The sweet project

Please visit their website www. It looks like the SWEET Project will prohect able to recover from this external shock by being creative and working in partnership. Next I would just like to say thank you so much for setting up and developing our website.