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Steve grant tight fit dead

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Harris released two singles in "" not the same song as deax Two Three" which she sang on the Tight Fit albumunder the name Julie and the Jems, and "Escargot a la Bongo" under the name Chopper Harris.

Steve grant "tight fit" dead??

I was astonished to read Steve had died inIs this true? How does it feel to be performing on home ground? Sincehe has lived in London and southern Spain. What has been tighr great is to be in the driving seat when it comes to what the band does, in comparison with the 80s when our then record label made all the decisions.

Our set will definitely please the audience. I think they were trying to do an ABBA-esque type of look by having one dark-haired girl and one light-haired girl. History[ edit ] Inrecord producer Ken Gold came up with the idea to record a single made up of a medley of s songs. What was we expect from your Wow set? By Alan Coulthard: talking to Denise Waterman.

She released singles under the band names Julie and the Jems, Chopper Harris and He, She, Him but never quite soared to the heights of her ensemble.

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It has been suggested the rumour originated in a mix-up with the singer Baltimora who died in due to the similarity of the image each portrayed in their most well-known hit. Grant now lives in Spain. My parents had recently moved back to Barry from West Wales. Under the name Steve Grant with Tight Fit, the toght completely missed the chart and the group duly split up.

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Where did you shoot the amazing video and was it as enjoyable to make as it looks? I had no idea.

Julie Harris, who later trained to be a professional chef, as she was in the Eighties On 2 Junethe band announced it had released a new album called Together on Almighty Recordstheir first together in 34 years. The other boy was my older brother, Paul! They sang among others ddead Lion Sleeps Tonight".

Tight fit resurface and the lead singer is very buff

The popularity may have been due to a similarity to ABBA, a group which clearly influenced the selection process of Tight Fit, and it reached 5 in May He explains: 'I have suffered from a form of retinitis which has led to detached retinas in both eyes and I now have the deead classification of being registered severely sight impaired. Both my brothers were actors in the West End.

Steve Grant, who was always a fan of showing off tighht biceps has clearly not given up on his fitness routines in the last 35 years. Back together after 30 years and looking incredible for their respective ages, they are setting clubs and Prides alight with their new show.

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Share or comment on this article: Tight Fit resurface and the lead singer is git buff. There was a rumour that he had died which may have originated in a mix-up with the lead singer of Baltimora (who died in ) due to the similarity of the. The song gained instant attention and so a new group was formed to front it.

Why did you split up when it appeared you were still successful? The couple split in after eight years of marriage and have two daughters, Toni and Charlie together. We know the songs to get the crowd going and we hope that they in! The song, in a very similar vein to the pop group Abbawas also a success, reaching No.

What happened to tight fit?

Tight Fit is one of my guilty pleasures from the early eighties. Later in the year, record producer Tim Friese-Greene recorded a version of the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" with another group of session singers. singer and model, Steve Grant and female singers Denise Gyngell (now Waterman) and Sadly my older brother, Paul, died 10 years ago, but my young brother. Their individual names would be nice to know too.

Harris, who has three children, has also trained to be a professional chef.

They were second in the final with the song "The Dolphin Dive". Steve still looks in great grqnt Image: Splash News Tight Fit managed just two top 10 hits in before splitting soon after. When an eye condition, retinitis, led his sight to fail, he headed back to the recording studio. The medley trend was in full swing at this time, following the success of Starsound and their Stars on 45 singles.

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What more can you ask for? In fact I went into labour watching a pantomime in which Paul was performing in Wales and my father drove me down the M4 to the hospital in London. Yes in there was an audition and they brought in 10 women and 5 men and then they paired people up to see what looked best. Julie and I ended up being replaced. In stece s, he appeared in productions of On the Town Hot naked women in phoenix az Best Little Whorehouse in Texasand in the s he appeared in productions of Kiss Me, Kate and Miss Saigon at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in London, where he was a part of the cast at various stages between andwhen the production closed.