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Add lyrics. There the fresh-faced comic made the risky decision to switch his typically family friendly and clean humoured skits for something a little more edgy. Come on! A pub quiz is arranged, with the winner taking home a year's supply of the lager. The club was created and is run by Brian Potter along with his staff. However, Brian decides to let Jerry remain as e and the staff hold a toast to Jerry.

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His new show tells the story of two co-workers thrown together in a company car share scheme, forcing their paths to cross as they journey to their respective jobs at a major out-of-town supermarket. He took the cash up front, and then vanished. However, the event they petre for, the psychic night, forces Brian to refund all his guests after Clinton Baptiste tells a bit more about the future than the guests would like. Posted: Aug 15, peter kay youtube.

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The auditioning act at the end of the episode is a pair of spacemen, one on a spinning disc, miming to a David Bowie song. In the club, Brian has crimewathc a Stars in Your Eyes night to impress a brewery representative who is coming over. I couldn't, yeah. He offered to stage the gigs across Derby last summer in return for a donation for the Lewis Mighty Fund.

She is good friends with Crikewatch and also works as Brian's occasional PA.

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The auditioning act at the end of the episode is a magician whose pigeon gets caught in a rotating fan. Potential third series[ edit ] In SeptemberKay revealed on BBC Radio 1 that a third series of Phoenix Nights has been written, but it is unknown when the series will be filmed. I thought 'that's odd'. With the authorities taking a dim view of Potter's poor attitude towards fire safety and suspending his licence, he then rebuilds the club on the cheap with Jerry as the e.

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Elsewhere, Max and Paddy go to France to stock up on booze, unwittingly picking crimeaatch two Chinese immigrants in the process. Formed in Septemberthe charity provides support, counselling, treatment, and aftercare to sportsmen and women who are suffering from addictive illnesses such as alcoholismdrug abuse, compulsive gambling and eating disorders ; and all the side effects, including anxiety and depression. Les and Alan : The two backing players, with drums and keyboard, known crimewagch "Les Alanos".

The clinic is supported by the Professional Footballers' Association. Den Perry is arrested and the staff celebrate.

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Episode 2 The club's doorman, the Captain, dies, possibly as a result of inhaling smoke from new DJ Ray Von 's home-made smoke machine. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points.

The other room in the club is a larger cabaret style room, which plays host to larger features such as Talent Trek and Stars in their Eyes. His initial breakthrough came when he was crowned the North West Comedian of the Year, during his second ever performance in Following the staging of the highly regarded local talent contest 'Talent Trek' a vengeful Den Perry burns the club down.

The philosophy is based on Adams's own experiences of his requirements as an athlete in his own recovery from alcoholism : the unity of mind, body, and spirit.

However, as more people come to the club, its popularity exceeds that of its rivals. Exclusive offer.

The auditioning act at the end of the episode is an escape artist, trapped in a bag. You dip a hobnob, it's like, 'Again! There is also a games room in the club, which was named the " Jocky Wilson Suite" in the first series, and the " Tony Knowles Suite" in the second.

There were- drrbe! Apple Music Gift Card. Employed by thrifty Brian Potter as chefs.

Peter kay exposed: shocking joke that landed comedian in deep water at bbc party revealed

As it hadn't snowed in months. However, Brian tells him to keep pretending to be ill because the club got the rights to host Talent Trek because he told the organisers that Jerry is dying. Get up to kkay months of free music. Right Said Frank end up stealing stereos from all the cars parked outside.

Elsewhere, Spencer is hired for the vacant bar job. On his trip to Asda he finds Jerry and Alan singing to promote products. The auditioning act at the end of the episode is a pster juggler, breaking his props. Elsewhere, Paddy strikes up a relationship with Holy Mary's daughter Mary. He began a degree course at the University of Liverpool but dropped out because he was given an unconditional offer to attend a Higher National Diploma HND in media performance at pdter University of Salford.