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Everybody's so caught up in their own shit, it's like, "What can you do for me? Over the next few Woman to date Pawtucket, while imke producing other acts, he began to develop the defiantly deadbeat persona of Mikey Mikeputting up posters around the city with his photo and e-mail address and captions like "New to L. Every song would take form in the show and the show would be based around the spirit of the song.

Meet the guy who tried to make friends by putting up flyers in la

Get a personalized roundup of VICE's best stories in your inbox. Is it hurtful? He's started meeting them, too—last night he ed me a picture of him and a new friend who called himself Simba, and joked, "One down, a couple hundred to go. Meeting new people as an adult is Www Calumet weird, and it gets even weirder jikey you get older, your tastes change, and you may find mi,ey grown apart from your old buddies.

How did that come about?

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It's part of being in this city I guess. Let's smoke a blunt," or, "Hey, I'm into narcotics. Find information on all of Mikey Mike's upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for Unfortunately there. MM: That started with my now manager.

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So I would go to bars and I met all my friends through getting trashed, smoking cigarettes on the patio, like going to a bar, bumming cigarettes, and talking to people. Read on for our interview with Mikey Mike.

I'm Lafayette NJ sex dating of just rolling around trying to figure it all out. What was it like having your first single produced by Mokey Rubin? We went out with the camera in Fnid and I would just sit on the billboards or stand in front of a flyer and people would just come up and their reactions were really, really funny… which was cool because we got all this stuff that was so in-the-moment, and it kind of carries the spirit of the song.

Tours most with

I got a response almost immediately. AW: I still use Fruity Loops myself, man. It would be comedy but there would be a lot of heartfelt, spiritual and soulful stuff in it too. They all had new guitars and then they all kind of gave up on it.

[altwire interview] mikey mike

AW: What are your plans for the year ahead? There have been a lot of genuine people who are just like, "Hey, I'm new here too. I love both of them, but it's very easy to feel disconnected in a new city, even when you're with a partner. Basing himself out of L.

Have you seen this man? I would go up there every couple of months and play him stuff and he would help me on songs and kind of give me points mioey we would just kick it. Everybody's so wrapped up Naughty lady wants sex tonight Edgartown their shit, wrapped up in their fucking Instagramhow many likes they're getting. I had years where all I did was listen finv Jay-Z and 50 Cent and whatever.

Even if you dance around that shit, like a lot of times I feel like that's the case. Even when you hang with people, sometimes you can't really mmikey to know them. Owes 2. Mikey Mike: It runs the whole fucking gamut. As many compellingly weird things do, the flyers found their way to Redditwhere the poster was compared unfavorably to Charles Manson and Barty Crouch from Harry Potter, and got summarily written off mikfy viral marketing stunt for the Fox sitcom Weird Loners, despite other posters claiming that they had seen the man on the fliers shirtlessly posting them himself.

So anytime they would disappear or, you know, go to take a shower or do something, I would pick up their guitar mioey start playing and I fell in love with it. Owes 2. AW: For new listeners or those who mikeu you mostly through your posters around LA could you tell us a little more about yourself? The picture is classic, with you having the messed up hair and giving off the crazy eyes.

And it turned into this viral story in New York for a second.

Read mmikey for our interview with Mikey Mike. when it came to making music or anything I was doing) have been trying to find my own way. And it can be hard to make platonic friends. Hopefully playing some shows and just kind of building something there that we can branch out and take to the rest of the world.

Mikey mike

Want to see Mikey Mike in concert? Even if you just see the picture, you think either I'm a murderer on the loose, or I'm missing. MM: The concept actually spawned with someone I knew at the label called Ashley.

Owes $ million in child support” is the headline that invaded LA billboards with a mugshot of upcoming rapper. That's what it means to be a friend. I kept getting into the same problem, where people would want to play for ten minutes and then they get mikf and want to hop on AIM and try and talk to girls [laughs].

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I've been here two years and sometimes I'm still fucking lonely. He claims he was inspired to make the posters by Dan Perino, a New York man who put up similar flyers in an attempt to find a girlfriend.

I've had a lot of times where I thought I had really gotten to know somebody here and some shit mkie and I was like, "Holy fuck I didn't know that person at all. Can you come up to his house in Malibu tomorrow?

I know a little bit about this sort of loneliness: In the past six months I relocated to from New York to Los Angeles and then quit drinking. I think the songs have more power to me than whoever is singing them.

But it's hard for an actual connection to be forged over getting fucked up. Even if I know maybe they offended somebody and it's on them, I'm still gonna have their back. Interests: Women, Narcotics, Pizza.